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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  March 9, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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disagree with on policy must be attacked at his very american nature narc he has to be slain in the public eye before they can win what they want. maybe that's something they learned when they were 2. something deep in their infant's memory that they can't quite say where they got it. i guess that something of an excuse. before we go tonight, it's ash wednesday, of course. a sol almost day that marks the beginning of the lent season, a time of penance and reflection for christians everywhere. that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. more politics ahead with ce cenk uyger. >> welcome to the show, everybody. wisconsin republicans have been getting increasingly nervous about their shaky position versus the protesters there. so today, the cavalry arrived, in the form of karl rove. the empire strikes back. first, why they're nervous. republican state senators are worried about recalls. scott fitzgerald said the recall effort is, quote, on everybody's
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minds. he continued, everybody's obviously receiving a lot of pressure. so they're in a bit of a panic. also, polls show people massively opposed to governor scott walker's no compromise stand. they're saying we have to compromise. governor walker is trying to walk that back a little bit now. so they've turned to the dark side for help. karl rove, the darth vader of the republican party. and he's turned to the billionaires. an ad put out by the rove front group, american crossroads. >> they're protecting a system that pays unionized government workers 42% more than nonunion worker, a system that collects hundreds of millions in mandatory dues to back liberals that support government unions. >> they made phone calls for me. they turn it had out the vote for me. >> tell obama, you've had enough. >> first of all, that 42% number
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was wildly misleading, so much so that the cato institute who they relied on for the numbers said we didn't say that. it was about union and nonunion government employees, they totally misrepresented it. that's a conservative group saying that ad isn't true. but almost more importantly, did you notice what happened there? they're no longer saying that this is about fixing the budget. that went out the window. the american people weren't buying it. so they now switched tactics. here they are admitted yes, we do want to bust the unions because they help the other side. they're basically admitting this is purely political. and that's why we're going after the unions. now, here's that same senate majority confirming it today on fox. >> if we win this battle and the money is not there under the us a -- auspices of the unions, certainly you're going to find
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president obama is going to have a much more difficult time getting elected and winning the state of wisconsin. a >> ah-ha! so what about balancing the budget? no, it turns out we want to bust the unions so obama can't win. fun funny. now they have the money and the ads coming in, they don't care if you know it. those ads are going to try to turn it out. the republicans get it. so far they've lost the battle for publicen.s.public opinion. they have engaged in the battle. now, the democrats have the working class out in the streets. they have the protesters, the passion, the people. but the republicans also have something very important -- the money. sometimes you wonder how do they win with these crazy candidates they're running? this is how they win. they drown the airwaves with ads in order to confuse the issue and mislead the people. remember this conversation about their real intentions?
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>> well, i'll tell you what, scott, once you crush these bastards, i'll fly you out to cali and really show you a good time. >> all right, that would be outstanding. >> yeah, that would be outstanding if i deliver for my billionaire donors. and now you remember who their real constituency is, right? >> this is an impressive crowd, the haves and the have-mores. some people call you the elite. i call you my base. >> well, that right there is the truth. it turns out now in wisconsin the battle is joined -- the people versus the money. title fight, round three. joining me now is ohio congresswoman marcie captor. good evening. you see the republican attack ads coming for the democrats. and they're being honest about it to the point they're going to say look, we're going to come in with all this money. they spent $750,000 on that ad
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and more is on the way. we're going to try to take away your one funding source. >> you know what's interesting? they're not talking about jobs. they've gotten their billionaire sfren spren friends like the koch brothers to donate millions and millions of dollars. they're worth billions of dollars, those two brother ace loan. if they want to fight fair, justed a nit those are major republican oil donors and who they hired to run crossroads, the group doing these ads, karl rove and mr. steven law, who had been the chief of staff for the republican leader of the senate, mitch mcconnell. and then when the over to be the chief council for the u.s. kmam b chamber of commerce who outsourced more jobs from america than any business in this country. they're going after the janitors who clean the capitol until
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wisconsin. in ohio going after our teachers who have our children's futures in their hands. they're really turning those billionaires money against the working men and women who hold this republic together. >> and these ads, you know, they -- they are running all across the country now and this campaign is all across the country. idaho is talking about taking away bargaining rights. same attack from governor kasich. is this a coordinated attempt by the republicans. that's it, we're going to try to kneecap the unions and then we're going to run roughshod over the democrats? >> it's absolutely an attack on the working men and women of thf country, and the organizations that they've set up to represent themselves to do the following, to actually have the right to bargain for their wages and their benefits. many of these workers took pension benefits as a substitut.
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our police division is down over 100 officers in toledo, ohio. these are the first responders. these are the people who helped america on 9/11 and now we turn our backs on them? i think the american people are paying attention. they understand how important these citizens are to our republic. they go to work every day, they perform difficult work. they don't get all the recognition. they're not billionaires like the people funding these campaigns. and that citizens united case that went up for the supreme court that allowed unlimited spending now to be spent against any member of congress, any elected official. this is that money that is now at work. they're going to spend unlimited amounts of money to have quash the voices of working people across this country. >> of. >> well, congresswoman, that's my final question to you. with all the money they're going to run and they've got unlimited run because of citizens united, how do you fight back? even if you have the greatest message in the world, how do you get it out there on the airwaves? how do you fight back against
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this kcollasus? >> it's very hard. i pray every day the american people will pay attention. people understand that money isn't what's most important. what's most important are the ideals of this country and democratic representation. without that, the republic will fail, and i really think the american people will see through this. i'm proud of the citizens of wisconsin, i'm proud of the sidss sids -- citizens of ohio. they have outsourced our jobs, given us trade deals like nafta, that literally gave over the people funding this campaign against us, literally gave over our tax dollars to wall street. >> using tax money they got from bailouts to run ads and lobby
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congress. it's sickening. thank you. we really appreciate it. >> thank you very much. now joining me is adam green. they've got their own ads up. adam, i want to ask you about that, you guys scrounge together $22 a person, you put this money together. hey, we've got an ad up and these guys come in with $750,000 and already outspend you. how do you feel about that? >> well, actually, we're still feeling pretty good. as you said, 24,000 people have now chipped in $550,000 for our ad, which is located at war on works but there is a big tactical difference between what we're doing and karl rove is doing. rove has this d.c. consultant ad that isn't very persuasive and he's airing it with his $750,000 across the country on cable
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television, split across three networks, pretty much guaranteeing that nobody will see it very often. we're focussing on a laser on the state of wisconsin, and specifically airing our ad in mass quantities in the districts of republicans who local folks have at the top of their priority list for a recall. so our ads are actually persuading the people that need to be persuaded right now and we're really going to bat for working families that's now ground zero in the fight for corporations and the middle class. >> those are the duelling ads. and as you say, you know, they don't seem too overly concerned about wisconsin. they're probably trying to affect the national lawmakers as they always do. maybe it's a vailed threat. hey, we have all this money. look how easily we spend $750,000. we don't have to scrounge it from real people. we just get it from millionaires and billionaires. but the other part of this is recal recalls. that's why they're oh, my god, i've got an election but i've got to put ads out there.
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tell me about the recalls and how effective that's been? >> i think the quote you put up there before from mr. fitzgerald shows a lot. it's on their mind every single day. we only need three republicans to vote against governor walker in order to kill his budget that hurts working people. randy harper won his reelection by 184 votes. he has thousands of people signing a petition to get him out of office. alberta darling and dan kapenke also won their election with only 51% of the vote, and right now again, thousands and thousands of their constituents in the last few days have signed petitions saying we want to recall this person. so they're feeling the heat. they basically will have a choice, they can either side with the overwhelming majority of wisconsinites who do not like this republican class warfare or they can lose their jobs. the recall is having a very profound effect. >> i want to show some of the polls here.
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walker's favorability is down to 43%. his unfavorables are sky high at 53%, and those have flipped about 20 points. when you ask about public unions, 59% favorable. teachers unions are 59% favorable. i saw another poll that had teacher unions up in the 70 percent range. so, you know, obviously these guys are in a little bit of trouble here. but how do you finish this? if you're advising the democrats, the 14 that are in illinois, how would you negotiate or not negotiate with the governor? >> well, top one, the wisconsin 14, the heros who left the state, they should stay out of the state as long as it takes to get the republicans to cave. every single day we see a republican waffling and that's a good thing. if you're in wisconsin, go out this weekend and volunteer to help this recall effort. that's key. and for those around the country, honestly go to war on
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works, chip in $3, $4, help us keep this ad on the air because it's having a profound influence. i just want to say one last thing, for some reason republicans seem surprised the polling for unions is so high. but ironically, karl rove's ad today ploouf proves it's so hi. when the cato institute facemask checked him, they said karl rove lied about the numbers in his ad. he was trying to imply that government workers get paid a ton more than private sector workers when, in fact, what our study showed was that within government, those part of a union get paid those who are not part of a union. so the big, big lesson to everybody watching at home right now who thinks they deserve a pay raise and are sick of corporate tax giveaways and billionaires in wall street getting big bonuses, if you want a raise, join a union, form a union. unions work for working people and the public is getting that. it's a great thing.
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>> i tell you, my last thought on it is that, you know, in this ti this in american history the one guys standing up for the middle class are the unions. if i didn't like them before or ids missed feelings before, now i like them. i can tell you story after story, legislatively in washington when no one is standing up for the middle class. i saw a story just yesterday. the sciu says come on, you can't take that away from the middle class, even if they're not unions. if they've helped to organize here in wisconsin and the fight is engaged and now, oh, my god, even karl rove is like oh, my god, who hit 34e? and he's trying to hit back with all this money, you're on the right track. >>. >> all right you recollect t, t have attacked again. newt gingrich talks about affairs and divorce. he says, quote, i did things that were wrong. really? but you will not believe what he blames them on.
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welcome back. we have new and stark evidence today that the republicans rf willing to disregard what people want from their government.
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hint, it has nothing to do with balancing the budget. first, the senate failed to pass two different budget bills today. the democratic bill slices spending from current levels by $4.7 billion. but that's on top of the $40 billion in cuts the obama administration agreed to before the negotiations even began. and the republican bill is a tea party pleaser. they cut spending by $61 billion. they both failed, of course. neither had a shot of passing. it was all political theatre. so we go back to the drawing board. a huge part of the problem, as we said over and over is that the republican cuts are out of touch with what americans actually want. and we just keep getting more and more evidence of it every single day. here's a new bloomberg news poll, and it found that when asked if job creation or spending cuts are more important, jobs win 56-42. will you for the love of god focus on jobs not on cutting spending? and when it actually comes down to spending cuts, 49% of the
6:20 pm
people picked defense spending as the top priority to cut. and 22% said social security and only 19% said medicare. they don't want to cut those programs. in fact, 76% of people completely oppose reducing medicare benefits. look, what is this? the 28th poll in a row i've showed you on 28 straight days. they don't want to cut those things. they want to cut defense if anything. but most of all, they want you to get jobs. you know what they want? here's something else they want -- they want to repeal tax cuts for the rich! how many times do i have to tell you. here's another poll. 59% of people favor getting rid of the recently extended tax cuts for households earning more than $250,000 a year. but republicans, of course, aren't going to do that. because they aren't actually interested in balancing the budget. senator chuck schumer emphasized
6:21 pm
that in his speech at the center for american progress today. >> all of the cuts that the republicans are currently proposing will save a grand total of 0.3% from the deficit. some might say well, it's a start. but in relation to the damage these cuts will do, it's a meaningless start. they'll satisfy a very small but vocal segment of the republican party. that's all. >> of center for american progress got an update. nice lobby. no, that's the senate. schumer also said, it's time to have, quote, hit the reset button on the negotiations, put entitlements, tax cuts and spending on the table. he talked about oil subs dpipis. if you actually cared about talking about the budget, you would talk about defense and you would talk about taxes.
6:22 pm
it's about cutting taxes for the rich and making the middle class pay through spending cuts. if they would just admit it and have an honest conversation about it, i would say all right, oka okay. yeah, i'm sticking up for the rich. but right now what you've got is a lot of smoke and mirrors, having actually nothing to do with fixing the deficit or balancing the budget. joining me now is msnbc contributor and washington post columnist ezra klein. ezra, look, i don't even see their point. nondefense discretionary budget is $61 billion. that's about 17% of the entire budget. if you cut all of it, all of it, you still wouldn't be anywhere near balancing the budget. isn't this an obvious fraud upon the american people to pretend this is about balancing the budget? >> i think nondefense
6:23 pm
discretionary spending is higher than $61 billion. >> i'm sorry, $611 billion. >> but it's a small part of the budget. it's one weak bit of the budget that people keep running over and over and over again. it's sort of like clean i don't go you are house by continually cleaning out your hall closet. eventually your house isn't getting any cleaner, you're just keeping yourself occupied. shumer is right, if you want to do something real about the budget, you put other things like defense and tax expends and entitlements on the table and have a discussion about them. the discussion is about a campaign made to the tea party in 2010. it's not about the long-term deficit. >> ezra, you're right. it's $611 for nondefense discretionary spending, right? doesn't that tell you the republican priority is clearly indisputably not to balance the budget. you can say that's okay, they like tax cuts, they should just own up to it and say i don't
6:24 pm
want to balance the budget, i just want to do more tax cuts. wouldn't that be the more honest route? >> yes, i think it's accurate, by the way. i dpid an interview with grover nor kwgs quist. he said the key is not deficits. it's spending cuts, spending restraints. if you listen to john boehner's language closely, he believes the same thing. what's important to him is cutting spending. they cut spending that will actually increase the deficit. one of the big cuts is to the irs. they do that because it saves a couple bucks now. but for every dollar we spend on tax enforcement, we bring in $10 more in revenue. the issue here again, it is not cutting the deficit. it's fulfilling both a campaign promise and a series of long-time ideological objectives related to how and where government spends its money.
6:25 pm
but it's been sort of snuck in here under a deficit-oriented campaign message. and i think if people really understood this a little bit better, they would be a little appalled by it. >> gee, i wonder why they want to have cut the irs. co could it have something to do wf protecting their donors who don't want to pay taxes? it's probably just a coincidence. shumer is saying let's put all this stuff back on the table, oil subsidies, et cetera, et cetera. that's a really interesting development. is that for real? are they serious about that? if they're serious about that, i think that's an incredibly winning strategy politically. >> there's basically nothing in nondefense discretionary that democrats really want to cut. most of that spending is pretty worth while. when you talk about the bloomberg poll, people want to raise taxes on the rich, cut defense spending. there's a tax expenditure piece of this. there's a lot that would make sense to change to reduce the deficit. they're just not in the one corner of the budget.
6:26 pm
as long as the republicans have set the terms of the debate to be there and there only, there's pretty no good answers for democrats, no good answer for the people with priorities that democrats have. if you can open it up, there are not only good answers but popular answers. answers that are a whole lot more popular than cutting education or heating subsidies for poor people. the administration has not been terribly supportive of that as of yet, but i think it's time they became so. >> i was incredibly heartened to see schumer go in that direction. it's. >> incredibly popular. that's why we show the polls every night. for the love of god, will you listen to people? but, of course, the obama administration never does that. i read a report how the senate democrats are sick of it, saying they constantly undermine us. they go to do the right thing and they strike a deal with the republicans. what is wrong with the obama administration? why can't they see the obvious snp why doer? why don't you do what the
6:27 pm
american people want? >> the big mistake they're making right now is there's this 2011 government shutdown debate. in two months, the debt ceiling debate. that's another moment when john boehner can say if you don't give us the concessions, we shoot and let the economy go into chaos. then in the summer, there's a 2012 budget debate. you've got to start rolling these things into one. you can't let it be these piecemeal things where you give the republicans $50 billion in spending cuts, they pocket that. come back in two months and say if you don't do it again, the government defaults on its credit. it's not going to end up in good policy for either the government or much more importantly, the economy. >> ezra klein, thank you for joining us tonight. we appreciate it. now ahead, gas plies prices are up, and of course, the republicans are blaming president obama for it. we've got a reality check for you. and an outrage against congressman peter king's radicalizations against islam
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her morning begins with arthritis pain. that's a coffee and two pills. the afternoon tour begins with more pain and more pills. the evening guests arrive. back to sore knees. back to more pills. the day is done but hang on... her doctor recommended aleve. just 2 pills can keep arthritis pain away all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is lara who chose 2 aleve and fewer pills for a day free of pain. and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels. james o'keefe and the right wing smear machine strike again. this time they made national public radio their target, an attack that i warned about on this show. here we are again, republicans want to take out planned parenthood. the question is, will the democrats go along with it again or will they finally wise up to
6:32 pm
the game that's being played here? if they don't, you can bet the bottom dollar that the next gop target will get a visit from a pitcher and a prostitute with a hidden camera. npr, watch your back. and sure enough, o'keefe guys targeted npr next. this final they got creative and instead of going with a pitcher and prostitute. they went dressed as muslims. that's even scarier. they tried to get an npr senior executive to accept a $5 million donation. he did not accept. npr turn down the money, but he did get caught on tape saying the tea party is a racist and because of that, he was forced to resign immediately. the head of npr also resigned. was that enough for the republican the? of course not.
6:33 pm
and they didn't care about o'keefe's questionable past. they got the exact hatchet man they wanted on the exact target they wanted. the gop didn't focus on the tea party insults on the tape. instead they grabbed on to him offering his opinion that they would be better off without federal funding. that was music to their ears and the gop leaders have always dreamed of cutting npr's funding. so house majority leader eric cantor was practically giddy talking about this today. >> the statement was npr realizes they don't need taxpayer funding. perhaps the truth finally came out. and we are going to proceed along those lines because that's what was said and indicated by that organization. >> the smear machine runs right to congress and attack npr and try to take their funding away. in the end, did npr take the
6:34 pm
money? no. they did not take it. they turned down $5 million with no strings attach 37d would you have turned it down? would i have turned it down? i don't know. but they turned it down. the guys offering the money turned out to be scam artists. by the way, they tried the same stunt on pbs, their senior vice president, you know what, it dpnt work with them either. does anyone care? no. the gop can't wait to skut the funding for both of them anyway. we'll be right back. well, it toured around europe, getting handling and steering lessons on those sporty european roads. it went back to school, got an advanced degree in technology. it's been working out -- more muscle and less fat. it's only been two years, but it's done more in two years than most cars do in a lifetime.
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newt gingrich is exploring a presidential run. desfiet his public moralizing he's on his third marriage. but now he's come up with a new excuse and it's brilliant. here's what he told the christian broadcast network. >> there's no question that at times in my life, partially driven by -- by how passionately i felt about this country, that i worked far too hard and that things happened in my life that were not appropriate. and what i can tell you is that
6:38 pm
when i did things that were wrong, i wasn't trapped in situation ethics. i was doing things that were wrong and i was doing them. of. >> wait, wait, wait. that was awesome. that was so crazy. i'm not sure i even heard it. >> there's no question that in times in my life, partially driven by how passionately i felt about this country that i worked far too hard and things happened in my life that were not appropriate. >> so gingrich thinks working too hard enfeeling passionate about his country led to cheating on his wife. so what was it? america's fault. honey, i wouldn't have cheated on you, but i just got so hot for america i had to get another mistress. in your entire life have you heard of a worse excuse for cheating than that one. can you imagine if you went to
6:39 pm
your wife. no, listen, i was so patriotic. and i was working too hard. i had to get another mistress. i had to do it. in a profile in "esquire" magazine, his second wife is quoted asking him, how could he have possibly given a speech on family values as he was in the process of dumping her to marry another mistress? he told her, quote, it doesn't matter what i do. people need to hear what i have to say. >> and what he has to say takes on a whole new level of hypocrisy. unreal. joining me now is nationally syndicated radio talk show host receive knee miller. i'm going to run that question by you. somebody comes home to you and says honey, you don't understand. i'm so patriotic. >> is he on charlie sheen? the drug? yon think charlie has tried this one.
6:40 pm
i don't even know where to start. first of all, i don't think the flagpole he was raising was for america, cenk. and secondly, i love the passive, this just happened. like what is he going to blame the belt industry? my pants just came off. it's not my fault. things just happened. >> i don't get the working too hard thing. if he said i was at the office the whole time and she was looking real good. okay, all right, it's terrible, but i get it, i guess. but to say i was working so hard, i just had to cheat on you. would that have worked on you, stephan stephanie? >> none of this would have worked on me. do you know his whole history, cenk? it really -- it's beyond belief. he left his first wife while she was in the hospital recovering from cancer according to her. to leave her for the woman he was cheating on her with. then he started cheating on that woman with a house intern 23 years his junior. while he was criticizing bill
6:41 pm
clinton for the same thing that he marries that woman. i mean, are you kidding me? >> and this guy runs on family values. you know, you've got to give it up for the republicans. they're like facts? who cares about facts. i'll do whatever the hell i like anyway. somebody else asked him about this. it was actually a student at penn. i loved his answer to that, too. let's run that video for you. >> as a successful politician who is considering running for president, who sets the far for moral conduct and is a trusted voice for the american people, how do you reconcile this hypocrite call sberp tigs of the religious values that you so vigorously defend? >> i've had a life which on occasions have had problems. i believe in a forgiving god. >> so stephanie, do you remember him believinging in a forgiving god when he was trying to prosecute bill clinton for having an affair? >> yeah, i guess god wasn't
6:42 pm
forgiving back then, as you know. only when newt gingrich did it. i look forward to his next speech about how gay people are icky and immoral. i look forward to that one. >> because he's got his sex life totally figured out. >> yeah, yeah. >> thank you for joining us. everybody figure out stephanie miller on the radio, of course. one day ahead of his mud limb radicalization hearing, peter king defendeded his own ties to terrorism in the past. and andre carson speaks out on king ahead. and had your shoes shined. well, i made you a reservation at the sushi place around the corner. well, in that case, i better get back to these invoices... which i'll do right after making your favorite pancakes. you know what? i'm going to tidy up your side of the office. i can't hear you because i'm also making you a smoothie. [ male announcer ] marriott hotels & resorts knows it's better for xerox to automate their global invoice process so they can focus on serving their customers. with xerox, you're ready for real business.
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we have major breaking news out of wisconsin right now. the republicans have decided to take some sort of action we're going to go to mike tiaibi on the phone. >> i got a call from one of the moderate senate republicans who i've been talking through for the three-plus weeks of this crisis now. as you know, the 14 awol democrats stayed out which prevented a kwaur rom from being held to have a vote on the so-called budget repair bill submitted by the governor. this moderate republican told me that the governor had met with his republican conference in the senate this afternoon and all but locked in a compromise with the unions on the subject of collective bargaining but that the hard liners among senate republicans decided a short time ago to have a vote anyway, to separate out the collective bargaining piece of thf budget
6:45 pm
repair bill and voted in to approve it, despite the fact that, as this moderate republican told me, the compromise was all but locked. now, that does a couple of things. it basically aims the debate on that. that means the republicans are going to stay together, the moderate republicans. they're going to stay together and probably vote in the whole budget repair bill. that ends that and would all but eviscerate the collective bargaining of all public workers in the state of wisconsin, somewhere around 300,000 employees. so that could end it. that could end that part of it. >> i want to the viewers to understand. the reason why they could take that vote is because if you split it from the budget bill, then you can just pass it with the republican bills, right? >> that's right. it's not just the allocation of rights, or deallocation of rights. it's about the numbers. the governor has had the numbers
6:46 pm
all along. but no matter what method they chose, they couldn't induce or force or pressure the awol democrats to come back. as you know, they cut off direct deposit of their paychecks. they said none of their staffers could get paid unless the time sheets were approved. they tried to impose a $100 per day per absent senator for not responding to a call to the house and still they stayed on the other side of the illinois state line. i don't know how that part as this changed, but this part having to do with collective bargaining looks like at 6:00 madison time it will be a done deal. >> thank you for the report. it looks like on the verge of compromise, the republicans went in the opposite direction and have decided to take the measure to end this and just doing it without the democrats at all. it apparently is going to happen a little later tonight. stay tuned for the latest on this breaking news out of wisconsin. we'll be right back. [ shapiro ] at legalzoom, you can take care of virtually
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6:49 pm
radicalization among muslim americans, but yesterday we told you about his own radical past. king has a long history as a vehement supporter of the ira, whose terrorist actions killed hundreds of civilians in the united kingdom in the 19808s and 1990s. he was once called an obvious collaborator with the ira. a strange past for a guy who now claims to be focused on fighting terrorism. he evidently remains proud of his history of supporting that terrorist group, the ira. today's new york times quotes king as saying, quote, i understand why people who are misinformed might see a parallel. the fact is the ira never attacked the united states, and my loyalty is to the united states. so let me get this right. it's okay to do terrorism as long as it's against us? killing civilians is okay as long as it's the right kind of
6:50 pm
civilian? what if thhamas killed israel. would that be okay? but they're an ally. you know who else is an ally? great britain. his other quote, in fact, right there. it was a dirty war on both sides. imagine if someone tried to use that excuse when al qaeda or hezbollah did an attack. well, what could you do. it was a dirty war on both sides. but look, king is not alone. a new "usa today" gallup poll thin shows a majority of americans think it is inappropriate. so look, that's a significant percentage there. obviously a majority of the country thinks they should have the hearings. if you're one of those people who think it's appropriate, give me a chance here to try to convince you otherwise.
6:51 pm
i'm now agnostic but my family is muslim. my uncle is a regular guy. like all of my family members. he likes gardening. he also likes photography. he like whence he puts it on a website and it gets voted up. my mom on 9/11 was worried to death that a friend of mine who works in new york was going to be hurt. my dad loved this country so much he moved the whole family here. whatever you do, please don't lump them in with al qaeda. that's not right. that's not fair. they came here because they believed in america. don't take that away from them by doing hearings like this where you tar all muslims in with terrorists. it's a terrible idea. and it's also un-american. congressman carson, what dough you make of these hearings? >> you said it right here, cenk. i'm deeply concerned this will
6:52 pm
exacerbate hostilities in our country against muslims. the facts of the matter are out of the last 7 out of 10 plots from al qaeda against the u.s. have been thwarted because of the cooperation of the muslim community. we have to know this and spread this out. muslims like your parents, like your family are making positive contributions each and every day. >> i understand you were asked to testify and you were turned down. did they give you a reason for that? >> no reason was given, but the other muslim in congress will be testifying. i've been ge giviven an opportu to ask questions. i'm very excited to do so. >> why not broaden the issue to terrorism instead of saying im'going to lump in all of these americans into that category where they don't belong. >> absolutely.
6:53 pm
you know, secretary janet th napolitano from homeland security said home grown terrorism is a concern in the u.s. she didn't say islamic terrorism. she said home grown terrorism. a study was released recently that listed domestic terrorist organizations that pose a threat to the united states. so-called islamic jihadists ranked number 11, behind the klu klux klan, behind white supremist groups, behind skin heads and anti-immigration groups. it doesn't mean that people who call themselves muslims who want to attack the u.s. aren't a concern. they are. but the majority of muslim americans, over 90%, love this country. they're helping this country go to any major hospital in this country, you'll find a muslim physician there. muslims are in the fbi, they help with law enforcement. they help with homeland security. i was one of them. we're making positive contributions. these hearings will exacerbate tensions and spread xenophobia
6:54 pm
across this country. you mentioned that. weren't you involved in counterterrorism yourself? >> i worked in counterterrorism and intelligence, helping to thwart many of these plots that happened that we don't know about or hear about each and every day. >> all right, thank you so much for joining us. really appreciate it. >> thank you, brother. >> now ahead, why is matt damon ripping president obama again? that's twice he's gone after him. and will bill clinton do a cameo in "hangover 2"?
6:55 pm
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6:57 pm
>> now for some stories that cross over from politics to pop cultu culture, let me bring in my young turks co-host. ana, it turns out matt damon is going after president obama again. why did he do it this time? >> matt damon is starting inii sound a lot like you. damon, one of his biggest supporters is now one of his
6:58 pm
most outspoken krit ins. days after he criticized obama's education policies, he gave an interview where he went after the president's handling of the the economy. he said i think he's rolled over to wall street completely. the economy has huge problems. we still have all these banks that are too big to fail, they're bigger than ever and making more money than ever. unemployment is at 10%, it's terrible. "the independent" went on to ask damon if he would be vetting republican in the 2012 elections. he quoted, good god, no. i just got a 3% tax cut. >> he's saying i just got a 3% tax cut and i don't need it. no, i'm not voting for the guys that gave it to me. >> that's what you love about matt damon. you have a lot of celebrities who support a specific candidate and won't give reasons as to why they support that candidate. matt damon is clear.
6:59 pm
you can tell he loves politics. and i like the fact that even though he's tremendously quell t -- wealthy, he dpunt care about the tax cuts at all. >> and some people, might think he's attacking obama because he's too liberal. no, no, he's criticizing him from being too liberal. what about bill clinton? >> it turns out bill clinton won't appear in "hangover 2." there was rumors about him having a cameo role in the film, but the director said it's not happening, which makes me extremely upset. >> that would have been awesome. like if bubba wakes up and he's back in the white house and there's a tiger and a chicken. how great would that have been? >> f


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